Social Media Workshop: Hosted By Yours Truly

By Chad D. Lerch | Owner, Digi Marketing Pros

Last week, I had the privilege of hosting a social media workshop for 20+ business owners and marketing managers in Grand Haven. The topic: advertising on social media. Speaking in public terrifies me, but I survived, and hope the Grand Haven chamber of commerce invites me back to lead another fruitful discussion about internet marketing.

Chad LerchI talked up the advantages of social media advertising: Micro-targeting, increase brand ID, reach audiences quickly, and how to use Key Performance Indicators to measure successes.

In all the impressive lingo, analysis of the latest trends, and comparing Facebook audience behavior vs. Twitter, I failed to communicate the heart of it – what makes social media advertising so powerful.

Fifteen ago, there were few opportunities for small businesses to take marketing messages direct to targeted audiences. You either paid through the nostrils for radio, TV, or newspaper ads without really knowing who you were reaching or how they were reacting to it; or begged a local reporter to turn your burning press release into a story for the “masses”.

The beauty of paid social media advertising is that you can reach people in a specific geographic area, by age, gender, relationship status, education level, where they went to college, the TV shows they like, the books they’ve read, all the things they like or dislike.

We tell Facebook EVERYTHING about us. Everything an advertiser needs to know is right in your profile and in your posts. Facebook – and other social networks, but mostly Facebook – wisely use this information to offer advertisers targeted consumers on silver platters. Marketers can talk directly to consumers and know whether they’re clicking the ads, commenting on them, or ignoring them. You can boost a post, or place a side column ad, for $20 or $40, and reach the right people, right now.

The other day, a friend on Facebook was raving about the show The Blacklist, and in passing, I mentioned that “James Spader is cool!” Two minutes later, Facebook served up a promoted post asking me to like the James Spader fan page.

C’mon, you gotta admit that’s almost as cool as James Spader himself!

Here are my slides from the presentation – tell me what you think.

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