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Digi-Marketing-Pros-LogoDigi Marketing Pros, owned by Chad Lerch, is here to enhance your web presence so you can prosper. We guarantee high-quality, multi-channel marketing strategies, along with persuasive writing, content curation, and responsive customer support. We believe top-notch marketing should be affordable for small and mid-sized businesses like yours.

People often ask: What separates you from all the internet marketing firms out there?

A few things really stand out:

Honesty. We charge customers exactly what we quote them. No costly “oops, I forgot!” add-ons.

Transparency. Our customers are kept in the loop; they have access to all the accounts that we manage on their behalf and we provide weekly progress reports.
Excellence. We are great at what we do. We understand how to get businesses noticed on the web—we drive likely customers to websites, optimize websites to close deals, and help clients grow their businesses.

Value. We don’t have a fancy downtown office or billboards along the highway. We are a humble, scrappy agency that works hard for its customers.
We’ll help you increase your search rankings on Google, Yahoo, and Bing; drive quality traffic with smart web marketing solutions; improve the content on your existing site; and beat your competition to the next sale.

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